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Zoom Meetings – General Info

Most Zoom meetings allow you to call in with Meeting ID and Password.
If you have a bad video connection on your cell phone you may not be able to hear or share, But you can still call in.
As long as you know the meeting ID and password.

Try one of the numbers below or try the link to find a local number.
+1 253 215 8782
+1 346 248 7799
+1 669 900 9128
Find your local number: Local Number

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Women’s International Marathon Meeting

Women’s International Flyer
anytime from anywhere 24/7
Meeting ID: 928 9414 8568
Password: Billw
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Back Porch Online AA Meeting

Early Birds 7:00AM
Meeting ID: 833397872
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Slidell Online AA Meeting

Everyday 6:00PM
Meeting ID: 523-691-2800
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Hammond Breakfast Bunch

Open Meeting
Topics vary daily
Tuesday: How Bill Sees It
Thursday: Twenty-four Hours A Day
Saturday: Speaker/Topic Discussion
Everyday 9:00AM
Meeting ID: 986 438 301
Password: 1934
Call in: 346-248-7799
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Women’s Group Meeting – Hammond, LA

Phone Meeting
Monday 7:15-8:15pm

  1. Dial 712.770.4900
  2. Enter access code: 895085#
  3. Use *6 to unmute yourself, and *6 to mute yourself as well

Time changed to 7:15pm due to network strain. Feel free to come in anytime after 6:45pm for conversation.

If you have difficulty getting through, please text HELP to 712.770.4900 for an alternate phone number. If after that you are still unable to connect, please call Christie B at 985.222.3888 to merge you in.


Back Porch Online AA Meeting

Noon 12&12 Book Study
Tuesday 12:00PM
Meeting ID: 841343393
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Log Cabin-Tangipahoa Parish Group-Wednesday

Open Discussion
Wednesday 7:00PM
Meeting ID: 171 365 792
Password: 143143
Call In: 1-646-558-8656
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Back Porch Online AA Meeting

Big Book Study
Thursday 12:00PM
Meeting ID: 841343393
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Living Sober Book Readings

AA Approved Literature Readings By Kerri D.
Thursday 7:00PM
Meeting ID: 520 189 7070
Password: 0808
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Man to Man Thursday Night Meeting

Men’s Open Discussion
Thursday 8:00PM
Meeting ID: 836 576 930
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Olde Phartz Slidell

Saturday 9:30AM
Meeting ID: 479-128-118
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Log Cabin-First Sunday of the Month Speaker Meeting-Ponchatoula

Speaker Meeting
Every 1st Sunday of the Month 6:30PM
Meeting ID: 535 737 971
Password: 143143
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